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PTP Partnerships


In collaboration with local schools, People’s Theatre Project teaching artists work collaboratively with K-12 students to develop foundational theatre skills and explore critical social justice concepts such as community, race, power and equity to devise meaningful theatrical work. To support student success, PTP has designed a pedagogical framework that is student-centered, culturally relevant and based in experiential learning.

In elementary school classrooms, children explore themes of self, family and their immediate environment through theatre devising with theatrical forms including improvisation, clown and songwriting. PTP’s middle and high school curriculum (Power and Fairness, Race and Economics) merge a progressive educational model with critical pedagogy examining inequities in a 21st Century American context. Students will develop foundational theatre skills and explore basic organizing strategies to devise and execute a creative action - a site-specific devised theatre work with a call to action to a specific audience.


The College Academy

Dos Puentes Elementary School

ELLIS Preparatory Academy

Hamilton Grange Middle School

Harbor Heights Middle School

High School for Law and Public Service

High School for Media and Communications

House of Language Acquisition (HOLA)

Manhattan Middle School for Scientific Inquiry, M.S. 328

Milton Fein Elementary School, P.S. 7

Repertory Company High School for the Performing Arts

School in The Square

Washington Heights Academy

Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School (WHEELS)

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This community based organization is perfect for ELL students and families because the organization’s mission has always been to serve and empower immigrant and minority communities as integral, valued and powerful citizens of our city.

Monica Klehr
Monica Klehr Founding Principal of Harbor Heights Middle School

Today I am proud to be attending a performing arts high school and intend to use the skills I learned at People’s Theatre Project to advocate for myself and my community, and to inspire others to do the same.

Rocio School and Public Programs participant
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