What We Do

All people are artists.

We all have a voice to share.

People's Theatre Project creates the space and provides the tools for people of all ages to become "Community Actors" - expressive and critically thinking global citizens.


Collaborative Theatre Making

Rather than give our community actors an existing script, or teach them a set of dance steps, we pose a challenge:

Design and create your own work of art about something important to you.

Our teaching artists engage in this process oriented work with children as young as six, middle and high school students who are new to this country, and with adults and seniors who have never been on a stage before. Each group is asked to conceptualize, create and perform an original theatrical work that explore themes important to them and their community.

A lot happens during this progression. Bodies get silly. Outside voices are used inside. Comfort zones are expanded. We reflect on ourselves. We hear each others stories. We learn about our rights. We unpack injustice. We play games. We dance. We write. We share. We fail. We play more games! We laugh. We give up. We get mad, sad, overwhelmed. Leaders emerge. Friendships deepen. Ideas become scenes, songs, characters, images. We are a team. We speak our truth. We impact our audience. We find confidence. We find our voice.

Mission and Vision

People's Theatre Project, a non-profit arts and social justice organization, unites members of under-represented communities and raises awareness of their shared struggles through the personally and socially transformative process of collaborative theatre making.

People’s Theatre Project envisions Washington Heights, its home base, as a model for community building through the arts.

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