We are grateful for the organizations and individuals who believe, like we do, that all people are artists with a voice to share. With your collective support, we have grown from an idea over a cup of café con leche into a strong, growing and ever-learning part of so many people's lives. With your encouragement, we will continue our work of creating the space in people's lives to be creative, living, breathing human beings.

Thank you!

Foundations & Government Funders

  • The Catalog for Giving
  • Two West Foundation
  • New York Life Foundation
  • New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
  • New York State Council on the Arts
  • City Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez


The following individuals have written checks, dropped cash in our bucket at an event, or made an online contribution on our website. We know that where you put your dollars matter, and often a lot of thought goes into it - it's an important way of using your voice to show what you believe in.

If you'd like to join this illustrious list, please consider making a monthly contribution by clicking here.

George Acevedo
Amanda Alcantara
Mary Anderson
Maria Aristy
George Arzeno
Guy Austrian
Ray Baldelli
Carmen Barbosa
Marlene Barrante
Karen Bdera
Matthew Bizzarro
Wendy Blanco
Forrest Blount
James Bosley
Judy Braswell
Bob Braswell
Pat Braswell
Florian Braun
Isabel Brown
carmen burgos
Virginia Cabral
Christian y Carola Cabral-Leon
Saluda Camp
Adriana Cerrato
Vivian Chabrier
Andrew Clateman
Agustin Crawford
Zahaira Curiel
Amy Day
Jon Del Giorno
Pierce Delahunt
Genesis Deris
Josefina Dieguez
Leila Dominici
Jeanie Dubnau
Judith Duval
Ben Ehrlich
Mariana Elder
Marvin Estevez
Angela Fernandez
Fe Florimon
Jerise Fogel
Katrina Foy
Jeff Fraska
Michael Frederic
Sita Frederick
Rebecca Fullan
Gina Gionfriddo
Daniella Gitlin
Will Glass
Emma Goldman-Sherman
Lina Gonzalez
Regina Gradess
Leia Grossman
Sahil Gupta
Matthew Higgins
William Holtz
Bonnelly Joanna
Christine Toy Johnson
Julia Johnson Attaway
Steven Kaufman
Jane Kelly
Doris Kelly
Debra Klaber
Monica Klehr
Mary Klehr
Elizabeth Lehmann
Lidia Leon
Doug Levy
Jeremiah Liao
Veronica Liu
Mark Longstreth
Jose Lora
David Lurie
Becca Lynch
Joan Max Reinmuth
Cristina Melendez
Jenny Mercein
Sarah Merchlewitz
Sean Milligan
jahayra Munoz
Leonel Naut
Caitlin Noone
Ryan Novosielski
Marlyn Nunez
Martha Nunez
Jim Pepitone
Isabel Pichardo
Jennifer Piech Pasbjerg
Mariel Pla
Hayley Popan
Michael Posnick
Pat Priest
Hope Prosky
Elizabeth Ritter
Pedro Rodriguez
Dariella Rodriguez
Ana Ofelia Rodriguez
David Sabbath
Ben Sanders
Esdras Santana
Barry Solowey
Kevin Song
Elizabeth Starcevic
Jared Swanson
Carlton Tanis
Ileana Tejada
Catherine Torpey
Juan Torres
Rick van Valkenburg
Liza Vicini
Carrie Waites
Channie Waites
David Wassong
Jessica Weinerth
Mary Ann Wincorkowski
Whitney Zimmerman
Anne Zuerner
Rishauna Zumberg



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